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As big as Barbie? Pixar’s sequel Inside Out 2 lands best opening weekend of 2024

Games Radar 17 Jun 2024
Speaking to the Inside Total Film podcast recently, Pixar boss Pete Docter acknowledged it is a "weird time" for the studio as they work out what to do next, and the difficulty of balancing sequels with new stories.

The greatest nothingburger: Rolling Stone's hilarious Alito 'scoop'

The Hill 17 Jun 2024
So it’s just a bit weird, those moments when the press decides to relax its standards ... The above represents the totality of the justice’s remarks on jurisprudence. Weirdly, the above quotes are nowhere ...

Putin Effectively Declares "Total War" as West Holds Goofy "Peace Summit" Without Russia, by Andrew Anglin

The Unz Review 15 Jun 2024
This is effectively a declaration of total war ... Apparently, the newest “one weird trick” is to force Russia into a state of total war for the purpose of collapsing the government? I don’t quite understand the purpose.

The G7 and Other Observations: Meloni Proves Revenge Is a Dinner Best Served Icy Cold

Hot Air 15 Jun 2024
The G-7 summit in Puglia, Italy has been a parade of some pretty memorable moments already, and none of them have to do with earthshaking political announcements or new agreements ... Ah, no ... The epic weirdness is off the charts ... We'd be totally screwed. .

EU Orders Daily Fine on Hungary Until Orban Allows the Country to be Flooded with ...

The Unz Review 14 Jun 2024
Further, I’m not totally the Orban mega-fan. His relationship to American Republicans is very weird, and he’s a vicious Jew-lover ... The author uses this Tweet from a totally legitimate Twitter account, ...

Engadget Podcast: The fallout from Apple’s WWDC 2024 and Summer Game Fest

Engadget 14 Jun 2024
It seems like a weird agreement where ... Also, by the [00.13.00] way, I just want to talk about like how weird that whole situation was ... So now people are talking about, Oh Disney does PR weirdly because it's also like really on rails ... So that is weird.

From heartache to healing: St. George woman creates journal to help others grow through grief

St George News 13 Jun 2024
With a marriage spanning a year and a half and a relationship of seven years in total, the end of this chapter in her life was particularly hard ... “And it was weird.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Criterion 4K Review: Toxic

Coming Soon 12 Jun 2024
The 4K transfer, supervised by Gilliam, had a real theoretical challenge, as scenes often transition from near-total darkness to loud colors, then desert, then entirely different shades of weird, but ...

Here's Why TV Shows Look So Different To Movies, And I Can't Unsee It

Huffington Post 11 Jun 2024
Is that all that’s going on?. No ... People Are Just Realising Why Green Screens In Film and TV Are GreenHere's How Weather Forecasters Know Where To Point On The Green Screen, And It Makes Total SenseSo THAT's Why Actors Kiss So Weirdly In TV And Movies.

‘Clipped’ shows why the Clippers didn’t boycott after the Donald Sterling scandal erupted

The Los Angeles Times 11 Jun 2024
Then in 2014, everything changed ... It was totally weird.” Upon reflection he realized that the lines between acting and life had blurred because he had come to feel a camaraderie with his castmates the way teammates do.

Bang Bang Interview: Tim Blake Nelson, Vincent Grashaw, & Andrew Liner Talk Boxing Movie

Coming Soon 10 Jun 2024
Yeah, totally. I mean, it was a weird experience too ... There was no place I’d rather be than in this weirdly shambolic corn cob-shaped hotel in a high wedge-shaped room in Covington, Kentucky, with ...

Best Father’s Day gifts for every kind of dad – whether he’s into cooking, sport, ...

Metro UK 09 Jun 2024
Getty/Metro). SHOPPING – Contains affiliated content ... Roccbox ... Large Always Pan ... Bill Lumsden, head of distilling and whisky creation for The Glenmorangie Company, remarked, 'This is a helter-skelter of flavors! Totally weird and absolutely spectacular.

Planning a wedding on a budget? This clever deal from Amazon offers you a DJ ...

Metro UK 06 Jun 2024
That’s why all nearlyweds know the benefit of a budget hack and we’ve found one that could offer you a superstar DJ totally free of charge. Nope, we don’t have some kind of weird hold over David Guetta ...

Euro 2024 specials tips, predictions, best bets and preview

Sporting Life 06 Jun 2024
What I can tell you is they are filled with weird and wonderful combinations of competition long punts. They feature things like total goals, corners and cards at Euro 2024 ... Total goals *since games increased to 51 ... Yellow cards per game (total).

“If I want to own 150 tweed amps, it’s my business”: Joe Bonamassa on why ... 05 Jun 2024
READ MORE. “Guitar companies are selling nostalgia”. Joe Bonamassa on the “weird business” of the guitar industry. For Total Guitar’s new print issue, he explains, “I share my collection because it’s part of who I am ... Rory Gallagher is a great example ... .

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FILE - In this photo released by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Friday, Feb. 2, 2024, Russian troops load an Iskander missile onto a mobile launcher during drills at an undisclosed location in Russia. The world's nine nuclear-armed states continue to modernize their nuclear weapons as the countries deepened their reliance on such deterrence in 2023, a Swedish think tank said Monday June 17, 2024.
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